Web app for managing & sharing files

Security issue: A bug was discovered that let users access files they don't have read permissions for. Please refer to our README for instructions on fixing this.

Boxroom is a web app that aims to be a simple interface for managing and sharing files in a web browser. It lets users create folders and upload, download and share files. Admins can manage users, groups and permissions.

Up-to-date & well maintained

  • Boxroom is a Rails 4.2 application
  • Actively maintained since 2010
  • Available in six languages
  • Downloaded more than 10,000 times
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Boxroom is open source

  • Released under the MIT License
  • The source code is hosted on GitHub
  • Over 270 stars and 100 forks on GitHub
  • Open to contributions
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  • Installation and setup
  • Customization of the layout (logo, colors, fonts)
  • Development of custom features
  • Ruby on Rails work not related to Boxroom
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