About me

My name is Mischa Berger. I am a web developer from The Netherlands, living in Oita, Japan. This is my online profile. Read on if you want to know more about the projects I work on, my professional interests, communities I participate in or my hobbies.


Boxroom (April 2006 - present)

Boxroom is a hobby project I started in 2006. The aim was to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I abandoned the project for a while, but in December 2010 I completely rewrote it in Rails 3. I am still adding features gradually and I plan to keep the project up-to-date with new Rails releases.

Features I want to add in future releases:

The sources are hosted on GitHub. Feel free to contribute!

Tribe of Noise (January 2008 - present)

I work as a web developer for a Dutch company called Tribe of Noise. The goal of the company is to be a platform where musicians and companies looking for music can find each other.

Examples of projects I worked on at Tribe of Noise:

Professional interests

I prefer working in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. For small projects in PHP I have used the CodeIgniter framework. I have some C#/.NET experience, but have not used it in a while. My next goal is to learn Objective C.


Communities I participate in are listed below. Feel free to contact me.

Interests / Hobbies